4 Best And Useful CSGO Surfing Tips Which Will Master Art Of Surfing

csgo surfing tips

Before starting with the CSGO surfing tips, we should first discuss surfing. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a widely renowned game with a range of the latest and updated features, vivid graphics, and complex mechanics. Ranking up is the primary goal of everyone, and it can be made possible by earning experience points, ELO points, increasing the number of kills, and much more. Although getting perfect in this game, you might feel bored once you have played hundreds of matches. In such situations, surfing proves to be a fun thing. Nowadays, most gamers are preferring it daily. It is the model created by experts, and anyone can join this game. The gameplay is made unique by making several available maps to surf. Apart from the shooting mode, it is one of the most popular parts of the game. All you are required to master the art of surfing is accurate maneuvering and a bit of skill. These CSGO surfing tips will help you all the more to get perfect in surfing. In this game, you will be gliding along with different obstacles, and there will be slopes for surfing around. The slopes let you increase your speed, too, with a perfect landing. 

Know More About These Extremely Useful CSGO Surfing Tips 

Surfing Tips

Although you have excelled in the art of surfing, you should always consider some helpful CSGO surfing tips while playing this game. Have a look! 

Start By Jumping

Surfing Tips

Initially, the main goal will be to jump on the ramp. As you jump, you will land on the surfing surface. It will be tricky, but you need not worry about it. It would be best if you mastered the basics as controls will be the same on all the maps. 


To remain on the surfing surface, you can use A or D. A moves left and D to the right. It will change the slides also. When you are on the ramp, use these two keys to perfect the way to slide effectively. As chances of falling increase when you are on the ramp, you should make sure you are as close as possible. These two are the essential commands for succession. 

Pointing Crosshair

For a perfect surf, it is necessary to look after pointing the crosshair in a suitable direction. You will notice that the character changes when you change the direction of the crosshair. Keep pointing it in the right direction, and gradually you will get better control and view. 

Avoid W/S

Never press these W or S keys, or it will spoil your whole game. There is no use for these keys. You need to move on the ramps and notice your surroundings. 


These CSGO surfing tips are all you need to be conscious of perfect gameplay in CSGO surfing mode. I hope you find it helpful! 

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