All you need to know about swim training for surfing - All you need to know about swim training for surfing -

All you need to know about swim training for surfing

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Swimming and surfing are very similar yet different. You need to use the same muscle propulations in both of them. Everybody nowadays cross trains surfing in one or the other way because surfing is physically demanding leisure time and you should learn how to do it. One only needs to look back to their first surfing sessions to get inspiration for starting back their surfing training and to restore their physique and body shape. Freestyle swimming is a process in which you need to swim with the use of your muscles and paddling which a surfing technique is similar to freestyle swimming.

Fatigue during surfing due to paddling-

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Strength, flexibility and endurance is what is needed for doing well surfing through paddling. Muscular power and aerobic endurance are two important requirements for surfing. By keeping you on the board and helping you move forward so that you dont sink in the water, are the two most prominent goals of surfing to provide you with surfing fitness. This just creates a lot of muscle tension and you get tired fast. This happens more prominently if you use a short board which has less buoyancy.

Benefits of surf training-

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  • You will be able to master the technique of consistent, strong, safe and effective patterns of movement.
  • Use should use consistent dryland trying for achieving paddling power, core strength and overall fitness.
  • The dryland surfing training is very important because it offers you with more inherent requirements than that of an authentic swimming.
  • You will be able to enjoy longer and effective surf sessions through sub specific fitness programs.

Dryland Training for better surfing experience-

  • You will be able to maintain your strength and power due to the use of sub surf specific dryland training.
  • You will be able to enjoy surfing for a longer period of time by maintaining your stamina and paddling power.
  • You will be able to make out the difference between life and death when you need to get out of the holds of sudden bad weather.

Some other trainings for surfing-

  • Vasa Trainer workout- this training will help you to mimic the movement of your surf with added resistance to increase the speed of your surfing.
  • Vasa Space saver Swimerg- This workout is best suited for increasing your stamina, time saving, increasing your muscle strength and SUP paddling power.
  • Yoga- This can also help the surfers to learn the art of surfing by helping them through increasing their flexibility and stability.


You should learn good surfing and quality techniques from a well renowned trainer, surf coach or swim coach. Swimming and surfing are very much alike yet they are different in one or the other way. When you go to the ocean and discover that your training has not bore fruits for your surfing you need to recalculate.

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