Best Surf Spots In The US -

Best Surf Spots In The US

Best Places To Enjoy Surfing Water Sports In USA

For most of the surfers out there, surfing just isn’t a hobby, but it is a lifestyle. Especially in the US, surfers have always had a special place. Since 1950s’ surfing water sport has become one of the most famous water sport here. Usually, surfers have always lived right beside the beach and built communities around the beach. There are so many surfer communities that live near to the beaches. If you love surfing and want to explore some of the best surfing spots in the US, then this article is especially for you. You will fall in love with these US surfing spots. 

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Hawaii and California have been in the first place when someone thinks of surfing. But recently so many competitors have emerged for these places. The West Coast of Florida is one such competitor which has everything that a surfer wants. It is close to the wildlife, unparallel waves of the Atlantic sea and white sands will really create a great impact on the people who come to surf. This area has all the necessary infrastructure, and yet it is not as crowded as other beaches present in California and Hawaii. If you are looking for a quiet yet intriguing place, then this Cocoa beach will be the perfect place for you. Less crowded and more sea waves to tackle so buckle up surfers. 

Best Places To Enjoy Surfing Water Sports In USA
Best Places To Enjoy Surfing Water Sports In USA

Ocean City, NJ

Ocean city can be considered as a jewel in the Jersey shore crown. This beach has been considered as the cleanest beach, and there are various entertainment venues around the beach. The locals can surf in this beach all year but the outsiders, if you come in spring or fall, you better bring a cold wetsuit with you.

This city is one of the famous tourists, and people from various places come here to enjoy the beach. It can be considered as a haven for the surfers. It will be a lot crowded during the peak of summer and on weekends too. So you better skip those times if you are someone who doesn’t like crowded places. The city is safe enough, and in case if you fall prey for any accident also, you will be safe. 

Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach is one of the best beaches for surfers. The main reason for the development of this beach is surfers. This place is filled with surfer’s museum. This place has a great history, and you will enjoy every moment that you spend here.  The waves in this beach can reach up to 8 feet. This city has one of the largest marine areas which serves as a habitat for so many sea animals and different species of fish. There are so many places that you can visit in Huntington Beach.

Best Places To Enjoy Surfing Water Sports In USA
Best Places To Enjoy Surfing Water Sports In USA

San Clemente, CA

San Clemente is usually termed as surfers village. Most of the local businesses in this village are family owned and serves the community. These beaches are clean and wide. They offer the best surfing experience on the coast.

These are some of the best spots in the US for surfing water sports. They all can be considered as surfers haven.

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