Best Surfing Beaches In The World For Holiday Surfing

Best Surfing Beaches In The World For Holiday Surfing

In this article, we will be discussing the best surfing beaches in the world. We are planning to rank surf beaches in the world according to their surfing conditions. We will be looking at the surfing conditions of surf beaches in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, the United States, and Hawaii.

 Best Surfing Beaches in the World For Your Vacation Destination
Best Surfing Beaches in the World For Your Vacation Destination

The surf conditions of surfing beaches in Australia are quite variable. For example, there are beaches in the Southern Great Barrier Reef National Park that have few or no waves, whereas other beaches have strong surf all year round.

Surfing Beaches

Surfing beaches in Australia are divided into several categories. The types of beaches that are categorized are as follows.

Wetsouth Beach

This type of beach has strong winds on the beach. The name of this type of beach is derived from the winds that are blown during the summer season. On this type of beach, the waves are generally about five feet high. However, it varies from one beach to another.

Offshore Surfing Beaches

This surfing beach has no accommodation facilities whatsoever. Some of these beaches even have no streetlights to allow for visibility of the waves.

Beach Surf Park

These beaches are specifically set up for people who want to go surfing. They have all the amenities that a beach has. Even there are hotels and other businesses set up on these beaches.

Beach Camps

These beaches are situated on rugged mountainsides. They have only a few hotels and one or two restaurants. There is a lot of equipment to help you with your surfing. It is not uncommon to find people spending the entire day on these beaches. However, to some extent, surfing is being ignored in many parts of the world. But if you look around, you will find that surfing is quite popular in the Southern Great Barrier Reef National Park in Australia. With the surf being here all year round, many tourists from all over the world come to this beach to enjoy surfing.

Surf Beach

Surfing beaches in South Africa are quite impressive. The surf is around three feet on most of the beaches, but the waves are seldom as high as ten feet.

Surf beach in Hawaii is famous for its close and continuous surfing conditions. The beach conditions here are quite good and some of the beaches even offer you accommodation. So before staying on a beach for surfing, make sure that you know how to surf well.

Bottom Line

Surfing Beaches In The World
Surfing Beaches In The World

Some of the most popular beaches in the US are Kauai, the North Shore of Oahu, Catalina Island, California, North Carolina, Virginia Beach, and Malibu Beach. Hence, they are known for the best surfing conditions. Also, you can find a lot of hotels along with restaurants, motels and bed, and breakfast facilities near the beaches.

So if you want to explore the best surfing beach in the world, surf at your favorite beach or find a hotel near the beach that suits your surfing needs. You can also check out a few surfing forums online to find out about the surfers in your area.

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