Board Sharks RC Surfer Toy – Fights the Flu Like a Champ

board sharks rc surfer

The Board Sharks RC Surfer Toy is designed as a surfboard that can be used indoors and outdoors. In fact, it can even float in the pool. Many parents who have purchased this product for their children are amazed at the skills that their little ones are able to learn to use this toy. In this article, we will take a closer look at the RC Surfer and how it can help your son or daughter develop their creativity.

Has A Good Shape

A person riding a surf board in the air

When they were first released the RC Surfer looked and felt like an ordinary surfboard. It was rectangular in shape and had two wheels on each side. To use the toy surfers had to flip the board over and use the other two wheels to propel themselves forward. However, since this product came out the surfer has changed quite a bit. The RC Surfer now has three flat surfers on the back that actually roll forward when used. This makes it very much like a surfboard but instead of using the” Flip” strategy, many children are now using the” Swim” strategy.

Has Small Wheels

A man flying through the air while riding a wave in the ocean

When the kids get ready to play with the Board Sharks RC Surfer Toy, they start to reveal some of the features of this unique toy. First off there are two sets of shark teeth that jut out from the toy board. These shark teeth are there to aid in the player being able to climb onto the board. There are also plenty of small wheels which allow the surfers to propel themselves around on the surfboard.

Easy To Assemble

Once the toy is set up the child must put it together. This is not as difficult as it sounds. The instructions come with the toy and even include an eight-page illustrated manual for the young at heart. If you have the time and patience you can actually teach your child how to assemble this toy without even putting it together.

Properly Designed

It is important to note that these toys are meant for ages three years and up. Even younger children will find them a bit challenging. However, the creators of these toys understand this and have designed the sharks to be super easy to handle even for the younger children. They have incorporated sharpened teeth and have ramps to get them up to the surface. All you have to do is slide the ramp over and you have your kid’s favourite surfing toy!

Good For Small Kids

If you have two small children who want to play with a toy shark, then you can purchase two separate pieces of this great RC Surfer toy and take them to the local toy store. This way both kids can enjoy this interactive toy, and each will get their own piece of the shark monster. Then when the child who has the shark teeth loses them they can simply replace them with another piece of the shark toy.

Filled With Fun

As you can see, there are many fun things you can do with these toys. You can race your child or two against the shark. You can purchase extra parts to allow your child to battle another shark during playtime. These toys can be used indoors or out, and the best thing about them is that they are safe, so even if your child did not want to spend hours fighting and protecting his or her shark, they will have plenty of fun during playtime with this amazing RC Surfer toy.

Wrapping Up

One of the best things about these toys is that they are designed so that little hands can easily manipulate the controls of the toy. This means that while the little boys and girls are having fun playing with the shark teeth, they can also have fun learning how to operate and use this amazing toy. These toys are safe for all ages and will help your child develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills that will benefit them for years to come. You cannot go wrong when you choose these toys for your child to play with, and after playing with one of these sharks they will probably want to start battling sharks just so they can get their own toy too.

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