Cross-Training For Surfing - Here Is What You Should Learn -

Cross-Training For Surfing – Here Is What You Should Learn

Cross Training for Surfing

Surfing takes a lot of training practices and skills. There’s no doubt about it. You might face difficulty or tumble under a wave during surfing if you are not good at it.

Surfing is a continuous process. If you do not continue it, then gradually you will lose your efficiency and skill. But it is not easy to maintain your surfing schedule all the 12 months in a year. Then, what can you do? You can engage yourself in some exercises specifically recommended for surfing. Several cross-training sessions and activities are available on youtube. You can learn from them or hire a trainer also. However, you should make sure what areas of surfing you want to improve or in what points you are lacking before taking any training activity.

Cross-Training For Surfing: Surfer Exercises To Use For Cross-Training

Clap pushup

Water next to the ocean

If you are a newbie in surfing, then your training will start on the sand first. You will be taught how to get from laying on the board to standing on it, and that needs muscle strength and speed. This is why clap push-ups are beneficial. You should first lay down in a standard pushup posture. Then, push up through the palms, clap your hands together and land with your palm down on the floor.


A woman sitting on a chair

Not only for surfing but also in daily life, you must do yoga. Besides helping you with the surfing skills, yoga also helps to release the tension generated from surfing.

By doing yoga regularly, you will be able to improve your balance, flexibility, and core strength, which are of utmost importance for surfing. You should also learn how to focus on your breathing and keep your mind calm. This will ultimately help you to maintain your cool to make smart decisions while in the water. When you return exhausted after a whole day of surfing, yoga is the best medicine to relieve stress and tightness in your lower back, hips, and chest.

Dumbbell Front Squats

Being a surfer, you require strong legs with high muscle strength. You have to maintain your balance and use your legs to steer. This exercise is similar to regular squats, but this is done by holding dumbbells on the shoulders. This exercise also benefits you to build good upper body strength, which is required during paddling.

Squat Jumps

This benefits your hips, knees, and ankles to brace for falls that may occur during surfing.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is more exciting, and it helps a surfer in every aspect. This is like a full-body workout that increases strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, and dynamic movements.


There are some other activities you can also perform to improve your surfing. Activities like skiing, swimming, skateboarding, dancing, cross fitting, calisthenics are the best ways to keep your skill and rhythm in surfing.

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