Beaches For Surfing Australia Beaches For Surfing Australia

Beaches For Surfing Australia

Discover The Most Popular Beaches For Surfing Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful and adventurous countries in the world. And has some best surfing spots for beginners as well as for seasoned surfers. I have mentioned a few beaches in Australia from the east to west, they are popular for their beauty and breaks. So, check out some of the incredible spots for Surfing Australia.

Discover The Most Popular Beaches For Surfing Australia
Discover The Most Popular Beaches For Surfing Australia

Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia

Bondi beach is the world’s one of the most popular beaches. Situated in Sydney, this beach caters all your surfing desires. No matter if you are just a beginner or an expert surfer, Bondi has arranged all kind of waves for you. Moreover, once you are done with surfing, go chill with your friends at the famous cafes and bars near the beach. Bondi takes about 30-minutes drive from Sydney and if you take public transport like a cab or something, it will take a maximum of 45 minutes.

Cabarita Beach, New South Wales

Cabarita Beach is a perfect surfing spot for beginners due to its northerly winds. The beach is also protected from large swells and is popular for amazing wave breaks. The beach is situated at New South Wales near Queensland borderline. You can get to the beach easily from Byron Bay or Gold Coast, both of these ways take a maximum of 40 minutes. In an alternative way, you can drive through Sydney to Cabarita Beach for 9 hours to get to the spot.

Manly, New South Wales

It is Sydney’s another popular beach that controls southerly winds pretty well. A great place for professional and beginners indeed. Moreover, so many school groups visit here for practicing surfing individually. The breaks are awesome here and once you get here, you will just fall in love. Once finishing, go to the nearest cafes to have a refreshing drink. From the city center of Sydney, it will take 30 minutes to get to the Manly beach.

Maroubra, New South Wales

Perfect for beginners, group lessons or private lessons. This beach attracts a small crowd throughout the year and has the most trusted beach breaks. By car, it takes only 12 minutes to reach the beach from Sydney’s city center. The beach is also surrounded by some great cafes and restaurants to enjoy your post-surfing hours.

Pambula River, New South Wales

Pambula River lies on the far South Coast on New South Wales, the seasoned surfers enjoy surfing in the beach. Moreover, Pambula River has national parks around where you get to see Kangaroos, particularly at dawn and dusk. It takes six hours to drive from Sydney to Pambula River. You can also fly from Sydney Airport to Merimbula Airport and then drive your way to the beach which only takes 15 minutes.

Byron Bay, New South Wales

It is also a perfect surfing spot for beginners where you can also spot some famous hippies, hipsters, and surfers. It takes 2½ hours to get there from Brisbane and 8½ hours from Sydney, though flying takes less time.

Discover The Most Popular Beaches For Surfing Australia
Discover The Most Popular Beaches For Surfing Australia

Do you have experience in surfing Australia on any of the mentioned beaches? Tell us now about your surfing experience in Australia, in the comment box below.

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