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Drysuits For Surfing – Surfing Suits You Should Try On Now

Drysuits for Surfing

Swimming is altogether an exercise that helps build up strong muscles. Surfing also provides likewise with an extra add-up to bodily-features enabling flexibility. While various factors make up the prerequisites to swim and surf, suits act as a costume for the same. Swimsuits serve the purpose of representing a perfect swimwear costume. Surfing suits, nevertheless, provide an intimate experience to the surfer. They are available for all ages and are comfortable to wear and also aid the surfer with a classic and decent water body experience. Here is everything you should know about the dry suits for surfing. Let us be honest, we all need that comfort zone when we are into adventure sports, so there you go.

Types Of Surfing Suits

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

When it comes to drysuits, you should remember it is all about the comfort zone so basically, you get to choose which one is comfortable for you. According to comfort and other factors, surfers can choose a suit of their choice. There are two types of surfing suits: Wetsuits and Drysuits.

Wetsuits are not waterproof but keep the surfer warm when wet. They need to be body fit. Otherwise, the swimmer or surfer might feel cold.

Drysuits, on the other hand, are completely waterproof. The main purpose was to facilitate and ease the experience of kayakers and divers, but eventually, people started wearing it while wake surfing and standup paddling. It provides warmth, depending on the layers in the material. But, it is usable from 2o C up to 18o C.

Drysuits For Surfing

A man in a wet suit carrying a surf board on a beach

Surfing suits are a part of essential equipment that improves the quality of surfing, just like any other component such as a surfboard, fins, leash, and so on.

People prefer wearing a drysuit when the water is extremely cold. Otherwise, its loose-fitting is a drawback for deepwater surfing as it lets the water inside the suit that hampers the ability to surf.

Close-fitting neoprene drysuits enable surfing, but they’re heavy, in comparison with wetsuits. In addition to it, surfers wear insulating undergarments to sustain the heat inside the drysuit. Some also prefer wearing a sweat-suit that keeps them warm underwater.

Unique Features Of Drysuits For Surfing

Let’s get to know some unique features of these items that make all the experts recommend these products to their trainers. According to your expertise level, you can choose your suit and of course for your protection.

Drysuits insulate the body from the outer environment.

It protects the whole body except the head, hands, and feet that can be covered by other accessories in hazmat configurations.

The shell of the drysuit consists of neoprene that enables trapping warmth under the surfing suit.

There are seals present at the wrist and neck that block the entry of water.

It is made up of heavy-duty, light-weight, and flexible material to provide comfort to the surfer.


Drysuits are surfing suits that provide thermal protection. They prevent the water from entering and are adaptable to use under cold water bodies. They are typically more expensive, but the features are worth it.

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