Been To These Surfing Spots?

Been To These Surfing Spots?

Have You Been In These Happening Surf Spots of The USA

Surfing holds a special place in the hearts of every Americans. No wonder why the United States has so many popular (some of the world’s best) surf spots across its stretch. Surfing is incredible. After all, there’s nothing so enticing than harnessing the prowess of nature and taking things in your stride. Each and every waves come with the unknown challenges that needs expert maneuvering at every wander. All in all, surfing is more than just a sport. It’s a lifestyle. Here’s a list of some happening surf spots of USA that you should never miss if you are a surf enthusiast.

Have You Been In These Happening Surf Spots of The USA
Have You Been In These Happening Surf Spots of The USA

The Wall In New Hampshire

With only 18 miles of coastline, New Hampshire is renowned for the exciting surfing adventures. In spite of less exposure to the ocean swells, the surf spots of New Hampshire’s beaches comes with a wonderful surfing punches. During the late summers when hurricane barrels in the core of Atlantic, waves go pretty high creating the perfect ambiance for the adventure sport.

Salmon Creek In California

Most of the legendary surfing beaches of the United States is located in California. But, there’s a worst part on the flip side. The water remains super chilly year-round and the currents here can engulf you at any meander, if you are not aware of the twists and turns. So unpredictable are the waves here. The surf spots here offer a series of incredible feats for the beholders.

Ocean Beach In California

It’s basically a great surfing spot for the local surfers and they flock here almost every day to enjoy the daily dose of water therapy. In the chilling waters with super strong currents, waves can go overhead any time. The winters of Northern California are awesome. What’s more exciting is that the surf spots across this region is dotted with hungry sharks and several uncongested beaches.

Ocean City In Maryland

The surf spots in this mid Atlantic coast are indeed a visual treat. Featuring solid waves, especially during the stormy days, when the jetties here often go high with decent peaks, surfing becomes more than just a water sport. Playing with the big waves is somewhat a norm here. The southern currents are breeze to ride. The best time to indulge in surfing here in this place is from July to October.

Cape Kiwanda In Oregon

This surf spot instantly casts a magic spell on the beholders eyes with its intoxicating waves and scenic surroundings. Waves here can go pretty big (even up to 15’ during a heavy swell) here, thus giving the surfers enjoy the best of their moments. For the holiday makers who are on the beach to enjoy the sporting activities, surfing tournaments are fun. With an idyllic, laid-back vibe, Cape Kiwanda certainly offers real deal for surfing.

The United States with a plethora of surfing spots is certainly a paradise for the surfers. However, the best of spots are located essentially along the wild and rugged coastlines, which gives the surfers a perfect adrenaline rush.

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