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How The Professional Surfers Can Keep Themselves Fit And Fine

For the professional surfers, surfing is more than just an athletic endeavor. It’s a lifestyle that takes you on a joy ride with the waves. It’s a beautiful feat that involves a comfortable blend of speed strength, flexibility, flow & fluidity. It’s as much satisfying to the participants as it is to the spectators. And, it’s all about staying capable, fit, fine, and healthy.

So, do you ever wonder what kind of workout regime keeps professional surfers fit and fine round the year? Well, it’s no different from what we do on a regular basis. Let’s have a look at those exercises that help surfers stay strong round the year.

How The Professional Surfers Can Keep Themselves Fit And Fine
How The Professional Surfers Can Keep Themselves Fit And Fine

Front Squats

Whether you want to stay in shape, shed some extra calories, or sticking to a fitness regime, there’s no match to front squats. For surfing professionals, it’s crucial too. Do you know crouching through a bottom turn, or landing a high speed floater, or holding tightly through a full rail turn is simply not possible unless your lower body portion is strong and fit enough to carry your entire body weight. Practicing front squats can help in getting healthy joints, so that you can easily pit up the hard blow of the untamed waves.

Ring Chinups

Building strength and mobility on the upper part of the body is essential for any surfer, whether amateurish or professional. With vertical pulling of the rings, you can not only notch up the optimal mobility of the shoulder, but can also gain a huge amount of energy. Doing ring chin-ups on a regular basis can help you nail this drill, and you can actually take your surfing feats to a dynamic level. Surfing trough the large waves need plethora of dynamic maneuvering and with complex movements of ring chin-ups, you can easily achieve the excellence.

Turkish Get Ups

Apparently, this workout regime is no strength training. But, it’s quite effective for the professional surfers. As already mentioned, it doesn’t actually seem like workout and most people in the gym would wonder, whether you are actually doing something. But, keep in mind that being efficient in Turkish get up begets you myriad benefits that you could ever imagine. It improves your athletic ability, helps you gain muscle strength, and improves your dynamic positions and strength. It strengthens your hip stability, thus gaining you top-notch efficiency in controlling waves and maneuvering your moves.


Yes, we are talking about the old day’s pushups, the one and only strength training that helps athletes to amateurs alike. For the surfers that needs loads of strength to control the waters, should stick to pushup regime on a daily basis. Whether you do it in your gym or at home, several rounds of pushups will help you a lot during the surfing feats. If helps you hold the shoulder right, align the spine fine and play with the waves with an exceptional proficiency.

For the professional surfers, it’s always important to keep their fitness regime on track. After all, it’s their strength that keeps them stay strong on the face of the unruly waves.

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