How To Do A Pop Up Training Jump -

How To Do A Pop Up Training Jump

Pop Up Training Surfing

Aim Of Pop Up Training System

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The aim of the Pop Up Training system is to ensure that surfers can maximise their performance on every wave without overtraining or under training. It is designed to prevent surfing from becoming a “one shape fits all” sport. Training will become more tailored to each individual with the use of a customised programme. This is the ultimate in personalised training.

The first step is to pick the right board. Again, this is down to personal preference. Some surfers prefer the durability of a rigid plastic board, whereas others like a soft cork board. The most versatile boards are those that allow the surfer to stand up straight with little effort. Once in the water the board should remain vertical until it touches the beach wall.

The second part of the training routine is to get on the board and do some riding. The rider should be comfortable in the water and not just standing there either. If you have any doubts about your ability on the board to ask for assistance from the instructor. You will need to learn how to manoeuvre the surfboard into the proper position when it is lean to the right and to the left. You must also know how to ride the board so that you can place your foot correctly when going up and down the ramp.

About Pop Up Training Surfing

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Once you are in the water, it is imperative that you stay afloat as long as possible. A good technique to adopt is to make sure that your body is turned away from the water at all times. When you come in contact with the water, make sure that you keep leaning to the right so that you are looking straight down into the water and so that you are riding along the waves rather than against them. If you have any doubts about staying underwater it is best practice swimming around in the water with a friend until you feel comfortable.

After you have been in the water for a while, it is time to stand up on the board. From here you will be taught how to manoeuvre the board so that it is in the right position when you land. Stand up on the board and allow it to drop forward onto the water. Work alongside the board until you can see the front of the board touching the ground. Stand up again on the board and repeat this process until the rear of the board is touching the ground.

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From here it is important that you allow the board to drop further down into the water so that you can control it. Stand up on the board again and manoeuvre it into the sitting position. Stand with one foot in the water and with the other hand on the back of the board while it is in this position. If you are using two separate boards, it is important that they are both dropped into the water at the same time and that the one in the front moves into the sitting position first.

Final Thoughts

From here on it is easy to manoeuvre the board into the air. Stand up on it at the same time as the other and allow it to drop down again so that the two of you can jump out of the water side by side. Keep doing this until you can no longer see the front of the board in the water. When you land back in the water, the other person should be able to jump out without any problem. You will need more practice in the water before you are ready for this jump.

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