Kiteboarding And Surfing Fitness Training -

Kiteboarding And Surfing Fitness Training

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

When you talk about surfing fitness training there is one thing that surfers can be sure of: their bodies will be put to a great test. The sport involves lots of acrobatic moves and stunts that can be very physically demanding. These moves come naturally for some but it takes a lot more strength and endurance to carry out the same moves without tiring the body quickly. The body has certain limits where muscular endurance stops and endurance strength starts. Strength exercises are therefore important in the maintenance of surfing’s high energy sport.

Surfing Fitness Training

A man swimming in the ocean

Surfing requires large muscles to perform a range of complicated and high level movements. In order for a surfer to prevent injury and keep up these high level movements they need to engage in a program that works on their core muscles. These exercises include core strength and stability exercises, balance exercises and movement patterns such as the up and down.

Core strength and stability are crucial for a successful performance in surfing. Without a solid foundation, the body cannot be moved smoothly and coordinated. This applies equally well to the up and down as well as side to side surfing movements. A strong core allows the surfer to maintain his balance even as he thrusts himself forward. It also helps to support the back as a surfer moves about in his board.

A balance and flexibility program should also focus on endurance and muscular power. This is important because the longer a person engages in activities such as surfing, the harder it becomes to stop when the situation calls for it. This makes it all the more important for the body to have adequate levels of endurance and muscular power. Cycling and running can be good forms of exercise for improving upper body strength while surfing and for general fitness and wellness.

Surfing Fitness Programs 

A man flying through the air while riding a wave in the ocean

When it comes to surfing fitness programs must be specific to the individual’s goals. Not all who wish to engage in this sport possess the same goals. Some simply want to participate and enjoy; others are interested in more of a challenge and want to excel at it. Those who seek a high level of personal and team competition may want to follow a course of strength and endurance training that include a competitive circuit. This could include practices and events for surfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and freestyle.

Other than the actual physical activities, the program must focus on resistance training as well as stretching exercises. As any strong windsurfer knows, speed is essential for winning competitions. However, the same conditions that allow the surfer to move quickly also allow him to withstand the strain of repeated and constant impact. This is why strength and endurance are so important. The body must not allow itself to become overstrained. As the body adapts to an activity the movements become more smooth, but the challenge remains to generate the strength needed to overcome the challenges presented.

Participate In A Surfing Or Other Water Sports Event

When you participate in a surfing or other water sports event, your body will begin to experience what is known as positive toning. Positive toning is the reduction of excess water weight, which in turn reduces strain on joints and ligaments. In addition, this helps improve body composition. One of the most common exercises included in a surfing and swimming fitness program is stretching, because it includes movement patterns not always associated with other types of exercises.

Final Thoughts

Many experts agree that improving overall fitness is key to maintaining excellent performance and minimizing injuries. For this reason, many swimmers and surfers incorporate various types of exercises into their surf fitness training programs. Flexibility and strength are both key elements for a healthy, pain-free surfing and kite boarding lifestyle. If you are planning to partake in a surf trip, or if you have recently completed a surf fitness program, consider a core strength workout to improve muscular control and core strength. It will help you prevent frequent knee, back and ankle injuries.

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