Overview of Olympic Surfacing

olympic surfing

The term “Olympic surfing” is thought to have originated from the Greek word “Olimos” which means the Ocean and later on, it was expanded to include “surfing”. The waves during the Olympic competitions are larger and harder than any other surfers ever experience in their lifetime. It is a truly awe inspiring feeling to witness such colossal swells that break the surface of the water. There are a number of beaches which feature in the matches of this event so all eyes are set on these areas when it comes to competition. The water temperature during this period is around 12 degrees Celsius which makes it ideal for this tropical system.

A large number of people from all over the world take part in the olympic surfing events. Many of them do not even know what they are actually doing! As soon as they have the chance to visit Tokyo they head straight there. It is a truly breathtaking experience to watch these surfers ride this massive wave. The adrenaline rush that they get is simply unbelievable. You can almost feel the power wash over you and cause you to tingle with excitement and nervousness at the same time.

An Overview

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If you want to take part in the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo, you must be one of the select few who have already secured a spot on one of the renowned breaks near the ocean. Most of the qualified athletes are those who have won medals during the previous Olympics. This means that their performances are not light or average at best. Each individual tries their best to surmount the challenges which come along the way. For those who win, it would certainly be a truly humbling experience.

There are two classifications for the contests which take place in Tokyo. There are the amateurs or first timers who hope to qualify for the Olympics and then there are those who aim to become the first ever olympic world champion. There are a number of surfers who have aspirations of becoming the first world champion. If you want to be a part of this select group, you can still do so even if you do not yet qualify for the Olympics.

Olympic Surfacing

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The rules for the event vary depending on the country where the competition is being held. For instance, in Japan, there is only one category for men and women and all the athletes get to wear gold medals. For the medals, each participant receives 20 pieces of silver which is the maximum allowed. The medals can be shared by all the competitors. If there are any ties, they are broken by the arbiters and a winner is declared.

The scoring system for the games is very elaborate and follows very strict guidelines. Before the start of the games, the organizers will establish the judging criteria which should be based on the performance of the athletes. For the games to be successful, every event has to be closely watched by the television crews. The opening ceremonies include welcome speeches and announcements from the President of the Olympic Council, the organizers and the speakers. The sportsmen and sportswomen represent their nations when they participate in the Olympics and the athletes compete in individual events or in team events.

The best of the athletes from each nation are given an award which may range from money to sports paraphernalia such as surf boards. Competitors from every nation that competes will get a chance to display their skills and talents in front of the media. The games which take place in Tokyo in July 2021 will be spectacular with the venue changing every year. After the announcement was made by the organizers, news of the latest competitions will spread through the world quickly.

Bottom Line

In order to qualify for the Olympics, each nation needs to send at least three athletes. Competitors who win more than four heats are automatically qualifying. One nation can only send two surfers while the other nation can send three. The medals which will be given to these four surfers will be made from gold, silver and bronze. The medals which will be given to the second place will be made from silver. A record ten countries have qualified for this year’s Olympic surf competition.

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