Surfing Training Activities - For The Balance You Need - Surfing Training Activities - For The Balance You Need -

Surfing Training Activities – For The Balance You Need

Surfing Weight Training

Surfing requires a high degree of balance that is achieved by severe training. It includes chin-ups, front squats, running exercises, push-ups, lunges, snatches, so on. The weight training increases the power, strength, and stability of individuals to surf for longer periods. Here is much about surfing training.

Surfing Training

Surf weight lifting includes Olympic lifting mimics like cleans, jerks, and snatches. These allow gaining strength and endurance to cope with huge waves. Crossfit exercise helps to achieve this strength by manipulating all necessary muscles of the body towards the surf. Dumbbell flies and balls strengthen the core of individuals by connecting all the necessary tissues to focus on balance on the board.

Cross jerk is the best kind of weight training for surfers as it makes their one foot forward and the other one back while they stand up with weight on their head. It helps to maintain posture and gradually back down or steep with the nature of the wave.

Side plank with reach through strengthens the torso that helps to paddle, balance, and rotate through turns. Leg squats with weights allow balance while surfing. For more challenging exercises, surfers can try to hold a medicine ball at their chest to increase the depth of the squat. To loosen up the hips and shoulders, they can deep squat with overhead reach.

Surf training with weights helps to achieve breath control while surfing to simulate paddling. It eases the duck dive posture and also helps in case the surfer goes under the wave pressure.

The clean and push press exercise develops a full-body synergy in individuals. In this exercise, they place a dumbbell or kettlebell between the feet. Then grab and take it towards the shoulder in one swift movement using legs. It increases the capability of legs to use the board effectively in various waves without collapsing in the water.

The Turkish get-up, in a similar manner, builds shoulder stability in several angles. It includes the exercise of legs, torso, core, shoulders, and arms to gain control in a speedy wave.

Other Training Ideas

Surfing training is not just about adventure. While most people only see this perspective, we have discussed some weight training ideas involved within the sport. There are some interesting weight training activities involved. Take a look.

Other surfing weight training activities include the following.

Overhead walking lunge

Dumbbell push-up

Swiss ball dumbbell row

Swiss ball dumbbell rotation

Single leg squat

Clap push up

Prone swimmer

Dumbbell get up

Kneeling Swiss ball press

Swiss ball jackknife

New school: Surfer’s pop up

Swiss ball push up

Swiss ball dumbbell back extension

Dumbbell wood chop

Knee tucks

Drop knee pivots

High elbow row

Standing pull

One arm pulldown


All these surf weight trainings serve the same purpose of increasing surfers’ potential in extreme conditions of waves. They aim at improving the grasp on the board and promote the overall development of body parts to engage in surfing activity.

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