The Best Surf Destinations |

The Best Surf Destinations

The Best Surf Spot Destinations In The World

There is nothing more fun than surfing! If you have mastered to surf on a wave, or you have known to keep the right balance, we know this would be one of the best feelings ever for you. Well, as surfing is one of the challenging sports, but yet it gets bonus points for the people who want to be fit and who like to visit beautiful surf sports and beaches. It is better than gym right?

The Best Surf Spot Destinations In The World
The Best Surf Spot Destinations In The World

As, there are many seaside’s from the UK to Asian destination, and of course how can we forget austral. Every continent waves are worth exploring and discovering being a surfer. In case, you are wondering which ones are the world’s best surf spot destination and which ones are the best for the low budget minded traveler, our guide is going to help you with this.

The Best Surf Spots In The World

The Best Surf Spot Destinations In The World
The Best Surf Spot Destinations In The World


Portugal is well known as one of the most surfer friendly countries in the world.  It is also one of the safest places for the beginner’s who wants to try their hands in surfing. Portugal also welcomes many aspiring surfers as well as the professional ones to explore their amazing surf sports.

The central coast boasts have one of the most powerful surf beaks in Portugal, it is also the home of Supertubos as it surfers the biggest waves in the world. The surf beaches near San Francisco also welcome surfers who are pro in all the level.


Morocoo’s beaches are a primer destination during the winter surfing, as it Atlantic coastline welcomes all the surfers during its cold season. A Morocco surf spot offers a beginner friendly surfing beaches to all the level of surfers near the Sidi Kaouki, Essaouira and Taghazout. Its surfing beaches also offer spine tingling waves at the killer point, anchor point to draw the international crowd.

Costa Rica

With the Costa Rica year-round surf waves, it is one of the best spots to all the skill levels. Its friendly tropical climate, sunshine and warm water all year around is what makes this spot one of the most top destination in the world for surfing. Costa Rica is also a surfer’s paradise that has one of the best beginner-friendly surf sports in the world. In Costa Rica, you will find many uncrowded beaches, low scary waves and also the laid back surf tows like Jaco and Nosara. Without any doubt, Costa Rica is one of the best surf spots that have a lot to offer to every surfer.


In Spain, you can catch up with some of the best waves that you will find in the Iberian Peninsula. Although, Portugal has steeled the spotlight in being the one surf spot destination in the world. Even though, the span has quite spectacular surf sports that will make your brag about. Spain offers plenty of mellow waves for the new surfers as well as quite fast surf breaks for the pro surfers. The sunny weather and warm water here in Spain will definitely make you go to the beaches of Spain to explore your surfing skills.

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