The Surfer Suit Guard Will Save You -

The Surfer Suit Guard Will Save You

The Surfer Suit Guard Will Save You

The surfer suit guard is a handy accessory for any surfboard that will keep your shorts and t-shirt from slipping off your board. For many surfers, it’s almost a must to wear some kind of surfing gear on the beach. While it can be an inconvenience to try to figure out what kind of clothing you’ll need to have in the case of a sudden surge of water, the surfer suit guard will help save you. It is something that most surfers actually prefer wearing than being stranded out in the ocean on their board.

The suit guard is an accessory that is designed to provide protection from the water for surfers. It is also a key component to surf clothing, which provides additional protection to the surfboard itself. This is accomplished by offering a layer of waterproof material between the surfboard and the skin of the surfboard wearer.

Material Of The Surfer Suit Guard

The suit guard looks like a few strips of leather or other material that runs diagonally across the front of the surfer’s shorts and t-shirt. It is also sometimes referred to as a surfing wrap. The name is an obvious reference to the robe worn by sailors to provide protection from the wind and seas. It offers protection from water and other elements.

The Surfer Suit Guard Will Save You
The Surfer Suit Guard Will Save You

The guard is meant to wrap around the top of the body and fit over the top of the legs. It is often made of either material that covers the top of the legs or material that wraps around the top of the legs. While these two forms of materials are both fairly effective, they do not offer protection from the weather. The top material may provide some sort of cushioning against pressure from the water. It does not offer protection from direct contact with the water.

Unlike the suit of the sailor, the suit of the surfer is designed to fit the body’s curves. The tightness of the suit is a function of the amount of stretchable material and lining that is provided in the inside of the suit. The surfer suit is constructed to be comfortable and supportive without covering too much of the body.

Places Where Surfer Suit Guard Will Be Helpful

There are several places where a surfer suit guard can be helpful. First, it helps to protect the board itself from water damage. The design of the guard is such that it envelopes the whole body, not just the legs.

In the event of a sudden surge of water, the top part of the guard can be wrenched loose to allow the wearer to step out of the water quickly. Once the board is recovered from the water. The suit can be retrieved and hung up to dry to prevent water damage to the board.

Another important use of the suited guard is to prevent the surfboard itself from becoming wet. The guard is meant to cover the top half of the surfboard and provide protection from water damage. So the top of the board can be stored away in the meantime until the water has passed by.

The Surfer Suit Guard Will Save You
The Surfer Suit Guard Will Save You

What To Know About Surfboards

Surfboards, especially longboards, can quickly become wet if they are left exposed to water for long periods of time. In the case of the smaller, shorter surfboards, wetness can be quite noticeable since the water starts to soak into the seams of the board.

In the early stages of the season, the water may not seem to be doing much damage to the surfboard. But as the surf rolls in and more water are encountered, the corners of the surfboard begin to become irritated by the water. The seams can start to make noise as water makes its way into the gaps between the seams.

This can lead to the surfboard getting wet as the swell evolves and the water continues to roll in. While a surfer is wearing the guard, the surfer’s hands, which are often damp from the sand, maybe wet. The suit can become slippery. Any impact to the bottom of the board when the surf makes contact with the guard can cause the surfboard to slip.

Bottom Line

So as the guard can help to protect the surfboard, the suit can also serve to protect the person wearing it. Since the protector is meant to fit over the top of the body, it can also be used to assist in keeping warm. While the suit is worn and while it is still wet.

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