Things To Consider When Buying Wet Suits For Surfing -

Things To Consider When Buying Wet Suits For Surfing

Wet Suits for Surfing

Wetsuits for surfing are the most important accessory surfers can own. If you are new to surfing, then you have probably noticed the importance of getting the best wetsuit for surfing. Wetsuits are used not only for surf safety but also for comfort and protection from the cold water. The wetsuit protects the body from the harsh salt water, as well as preventing any rash and irritation from being caused by the wet suit. However, choosing the best wetsuit is not always easy. The market is full of varied options for surfers to choose from, making it hard to determine which suits are the best.

Wet Suits For Surfing

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While surfing, one of the things that you must have on your list is the best wetsuits for surfing. The first thing you need to look out for is a proper wetsuit temperature guide. This temperature guide will specify how warm you need to be while surfing to avoid hypothermia. The wetsuit temperature guide is usually measured in degrees Fahrenheit, and the higher the number, the hotter and colder you need to wear the wetsuit.

You should also know the right size of a wetsuit for your body type. You will find a large range of surf wet suits available, depending on your body type. Each size of wet suit is built for a specific type of surfing. Therefore, before buying a surf wet suit, you should be able to know the type of surfing you prefer.

There are two types of wetsuits, the open water and the closed cell. In the case of open water surfing, these are best for beginners and intermediates. Closed cell is specifically designed for experienced swimmers who are looking to take their skills to another level. The best wetsuits for surfers are the traditional one-piece swim wetsuits. This traditional one-piece swimsuit is designed for a snug fit, perfect airflow and great stability.

A Wet Suit Consists Of Two Main Parts:

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the shell and the liner. The shell covers the body from head to toe and helps to keep you warm in icy cold water. The liner is the portion of the wet suit that you will see when looking at it. This is the fabric that catches the water and helps to keep you dry when you are surfing.

You will notice that most people choose a plain colored wetsuit for surfing. While bright colors were popular years ago, they are not very popular anymore. Bright colors make the body stand out and look unique, but they are also more attention getting than dark colors. If you have already picked a color that you like, you can then choose a wetsuit with patterns or designs. These designs will help to make your surfing look unique as well.

Popular Patterns Of Wet Suits

Some of the most popular patterns for wet suits are stripes, polka dots, and glistening gemstones. These bright colors really pop against the water and are very noticeable. Most of these suits are available in white, black or other light colors. If you have a favorite sports team, you can often find a great jersey or other clothing item that goes with it. Many popular teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Cowboys have a very large market for their clothing items and can sell out of their merchandise very fast due to the demand.

Final Thoughts

Other popular materials for wet suits include nylon, silk and even Lycra. Nylon is very light and comfortable and silk is extremely durable. Lycra is a breathable fabric that is very flexible and will wick the moisture away from the skin. Regardless of which type of wetsuit you choose to wear, you will enjoy the benefits of being cool, being safe and being confident.

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