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The World Surf League

Surfing is one of the most popular activities in the world. You can find people of all ages surfing and show casing their skills. Having said that, surfing is one activity where your best talent has to come out from within you.

To make is competitive like other sporting activities, the World Surf League (WSL) was formed. The world surf league is more than $10 billion industry. Imagine the amount of money that they have to host events and activities.

Things To Learn About The World Surf League
Things To Learn About The World Surf League

What Is The World Surf League?

The World Surf League is an event company that showcases surfing throughout the world. They try and make the sport as interesting as possible. They come up with promotional activities and advertisements.

Not to mention, the best surfers come together to put up a classic show. The league sets up the show and distributes the prize money. The best surfers in the world highlight their skills and abilities.

They provide a platform for these bunch of talented youngsters who want to contribute to the surfing industry. If you have not watched a program, then you are missing out. The league offers you with the best package given.

It is fair to say that the surfing league is doing their best to ensure that spectators have awesome time viewing the show. The event is held in several parts in the United States of America.

Any competition involves a certain amount of business. They want to gel with the audience and ensure that everybody is happy. Fans want to show up and experience the thrill of these fantastic surfers perform.

Things To Learn About The World Surf League
Things To Learn About The World Surf League

Facts On World Surf League

The world surf league was earlier known as the International Surfing Federation (ISF). It also had other names like Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Tour. As of now, it is known as the world surf league.

In 2014, association of surfing professionals was renamed as the world surf league. It is currently owned by Dirk Edward Ziff who is based in Florida and is considered as a billionaire. The first CEO world surf league was Paul Speaker.

As of now, there are no commercial pool of the surfing event. This year, it is slated to open in Florida in Palm Beach. The league is headquartered in California. The league has its offices based in countries like South Africa, Hawaii, France, Brazil, Australia, and Japan.

The CEO of world surf league is Sophie Goldschmidt. Earlier she used to work in the Rugby Football Union, CSM Sport & Entertainment, National Basketball Association (NBA), and Adidas. She has experience in the sporting field.

Things To Learn About The World Surf League
Things To Learn About The World Surf League

As of now, it is the only surfing event that is conducted in the world. They have five kinds of events. They are the Qualifying Series (QS), the Championship Tour (CT), Longboard Tour (LT), the Big Wave Tour (BWT), and the Junior Tour (JT).

Both the junior and senior division events are held in the tours. You would be amazed to know that the league has more than 5 million followers on Facebook and more than 2 million followers on Twitter.

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