Things which you must know about Board Sharks Surfer -

Things which you must know about Board Sharks Surfer

A person carrying a surf board walking on a beach

Many people have surfing as their hobby and even some are professionals giving lessons to the interested people. While learning is a very thrilling experience, the question is whether it is as simple as it looks in the real world too? 

The answer to the above question is a big no. When people are learning surfing, they are often in controlled conditions and away from marine life. But when you go out in the ocean to surf, the situations are very much different. One such issue that arises is that of the presence of sharks.

Hence, some boards have been developed to avoid these shark attacks, which can be very fatal. In the further sections, we will look at what they are and under what conditions they play their roles.

What Are These Boards?

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

There are boards available to the surfers which have different designs and many features. These can be brought easily by paying the different sums of money. But what we are going to discuss in this section are the boards that are designed against shark attacks. So, what are they?

These boards are not typically one of their kinds and the changes can be done by an individual. These boards are believed to be a helping hand in avoid sharks is sticking or making two big eyes on the underside of the surfboard. According to one of the survivors of a white shark attack, the chances of a white shark attacking you decreases if they believe that you have seen them.

The other way is installing an electromagnetic device that closes to a shark will force it to change its path. These two techniques can be really helpful to have a safer surfing experience.

When Are These Required?

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

White shark attacks are not a day-to-day occurrence. But when they occur, they are fatal. And as per the survivors of such attacks, these are something that can be life-altering. Thus, when you are leaving the shore to surf, you will surely like to take some precautions.

As mentioned earlier, white sharks tend to surprise attack a person, thus the attacks are done either from behind or underneath. Thus, when they see the eyes on the surfboard they think that they are no more a surprise to the surfer and thus, sometimes may not even attack. But again, these are just theories. But even though they are theories, what will it take to be a bit safer.


After going through the whole article, one might have understood the aim of writing this information. Sharks are deadly creatures of the sea for humans and if not taken care of, they can cause some serious damage. So, better be safe than sorry.

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